8 August 2013  My twisted myth (Narcissus)
If beauty is in the eye of the beholder then what is the flaw of the narcissist?  He who knows not only the furrows of their own brow, but the deeper meaning and cause of said furrows. Who looks past the imperfect highways of wrinkles with knowledge of their origin, routes and direction? Who sees in the reflection they stand in, not an imperfect replica, ruing on the vast empty place beyond the mirrors horizon, but instead sees the infinite horizons that one's soul and life can voyage towards?

Beauty is not merely in the eye of the beholder, it is equally the beholder themselves. It is not a door which we stumble across in the dark. It is not something which requires the strength of daylight to find. Now Narcissus was a picturesque epitomy of beauty, staring forever into something in which he found nirvana. For he was given the grace in which to see that beauty is something resonating from within, something which we all possess. Now go and find your own beauty.

1 August 2013

19 July 2013
So as of late I have been rather busy organising live arrangements of my tracks. I have acquired the rather skilled hands of two fellow craftsmen in the field of musical entrepreneurship and it's sounding rather tasty! I particularly enjoyed playing around with my songs and looking at their structure in a little more depth in order to utilise differing parts to the utmost.  Getting very excited by the juicy prospects that seem to be flashing into my dreams at night and my day dreams whilst shading myself from this scorching heat! I think epic is probably the correct phrase, actually scrap that, it's definitely the correct phrase. Prepare your spines for a tingling that will resonate for quite a long while.......

2 July 2013
Taking over the world is a slow process so it seems. No wonder in the movies good always prevails, the lengthy time evil takes to tighten it's grasp allows successful defence plans to be made. Reflecting upon it, taking the world by storm can be put on hold.

A flawless objective must be created, the correct yarn must be sewn and the war cry perfected. Then, then, in a blink of an eye, greatness can be emulated and empires can be built.

As 'Titled' boldly announces, "the world is mine, as it's always been, to amend for myself, and not give to anyone else".

24 June 2013
After a short refreshing break in the countryside, it's back to vocal exercises and guitar practice for me. Here is a little something I felt inspired to write about the lakes.

10 June 2013
Finally the crow has been caught by the mighty tangle of the world wide web. It has been a long time coming, with initial design starting many days yonder. Although originally hoping to grant internet users access to a website what seems like millennia ago, it seems that many areas of my artistic project have tethered together simultaneously, resulting in today's launch being  somewhat ideally timed. Now with the universe of opportunities brought by internet presence I hope to finally embark on my voyage into the public domain. There will be ups, there will be downs, there will be lovers....and haters (each to their own hey), but most of all there will be a multitude of glorious sounds emanating from my domain. Whatever the eventual outcome, I'm looking forward to the journey.